ArakNet Updates
by Smooth / May 5th 2019 @ 6:30PM
ArakNet Website
Welcome to the Official Website of ArakNet, home network of Phenom Productions. If you want to know more about ArakNet, visit our "ABOUT" page for more information.

ArakNet Radio
We recently did a soft launch of ArakNet Radio and have been getting some great feedback by our listeners. With that we've made a bunch of improvements and have also added more scene related music and content. Radman's ARTS Podcasts have been remastered and submitted by Troll and from recent discussions with Cthulu of Mistigris Troll is looking to revive the scene podcasts and ArakNet Radio will be able to play them live on our stream.

ArakNet Store
ArakNet merchandise is on it's way. The store will house merch for all ArakNet boards that wants to link up their storefronts. We want to help our Sysops gain some supplemental income to help support their BBS hobbies.
Newly Added BBSes:
Let's welcome all of our new Bulletin Board Systems that were recently added to ArakNet. ArakNet is an invite-only network.

Anyone is open to inquire about being a part of our network.

  • Mystic Dreams (telnet: port 24)
  • Battlestar BBS (telnet: port 23)
  • Distortion BBS (telnet: port 23)
MRChat Updates
by Smooth / May 5th 2019 @ 6:30PM
BBS Connections
There are now 67 BBS Connections on the MRChat Server. Mystic and Synchronet BBS clients are already connecting to the MRChat Server.   An MRChat Client for Enigma 1/2 BBS software has been started by Ripuk and continual work is being done to the C-Net Pro (Amiga) and CyberBBS (Linux) versions.    Interest has been expressed in developing a version for PCBoard BBS Software by a few Sysops. There are other sysops requesting for a DOOR version to be made for their Legacy DOS Bulletin Board Systems.

"The Gravy Train" hosted by Meatlotion
Meatlotion now hosts an MRChat Meetup on Fridays at 8:00PM UTC. This timeslot was created for the convenience of European chatters who can't make the later time slot. I hope you all can make it.